KHS Group

KHS as an employer

What is nicer than starting the day with a fresh fruit juice in the morning, enjoying an ice-cold cola from a can at midday, or rewarding yourself with a cold beer at the end of the day?

In all three cases you have points of contact with KHS. Around the world, many beverages and other items from the food and non-food sectors are filled using KHS system solutions. But why are we recognized as one of the leaders in technology and service in the industry? Around the world, more than 5,000 employees are dedicated to working out new and innovative solutions for our customers every day.

People as success factor

In our company, our strategy and success are closely bound to the people that make up KHS: our employees. Therefore, it is particularly important to us to fully support these very people as respective experts in their field, as they work towards our joint success. Complete identification with the common goal makes their own work a success.
In this regard, also the safety of its workers has of course top priority for KHS at all of its sites. Our commitment in this area recently won the renowned Duty of Care Award.

Active promotion of qualified employees

From the very beginning we leave nothing to chance. We identify your individual strengths and your personal potential at an early stage in order to systematically develop them further and promote them in our common interest. We support you in continuously building up your capabilities throughout your whole career. We do this by offering regular training and development measures that fit you and your needs perfectly.

Work-life balance is very important

It is particularly important to us that our employees are happy in all areas of their life.  This refers not only to your working life but also to your private life. We also think about your families — which is why, for example, we offer our employees the possibility of flexible working hours so that they can combine professional and private challenges effortlessly.