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Personnel development

Innovations are created in the place where specialist knowledge meets creativity: in the minds of our employees. Personnel development therefore has a particularly high value at KHS. Employees who have been specially trained and received further training are priceless to us. They make the difference that gives us the advantage compared to our competitors, which in turn ensures the sustainable success of our company.

Solid foundation for innovative performances

As part of ever-advancing internationalization, we are entering new, previously unknown markets. To overcome these challenges to the best of our abilities and to stay competitive, we need people that understand our business, speak our language, share our enthusiasm, and furthermore, are prepared to deliver the highest level of performance together with us. In order to offer these people a professional yet personal perspective, it is particularly important to us to support them fully and thus strengthen them professionally, methodologically, and personally. At KHS, the path from beginner, through expert, right up to management level is not just a dream — it is actually possible. We offer motivated and committed colleagues promising professional career paths in which they can systematically climb up the career ladder. With every rung of the ladder they gain more responsibility and experience and thus proceed confidently and with determination along both their personal path and the KHS path to a successful future.

Self-assured and motivated for success

In our company, every single employee is asked to optimize both their personal perspective and the company perspective in a sustainable manner. On the one hand, this requires security and motivation in daily work, but also a clear objective that is based on a common understanding of competences, potential, and performances. We are looking for employees who can think and act independently and, together with us, can take new paths to a successful future in accordance with our company strategy.

Advancing together

Together with Salzgitter AG, we have been using joint training solutions successfully for years. The portfolio ranges from basic training on a specific subject area right up to management colleagues.

If you also want to launch a successful professional and personal future, then you are the right partner for us. We look forward to meeting you.

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