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Amadou Kourouma

Mr. Kourama, what was the application process like at KHS for you?

I made initial contact through a presentation I gave as a visitor to KHS. I later learned that the post of CAD specialist was to be refilled. After several personal talks – including with my predecessor at KHS and with my present superior – KHS asked me if I wanted to work for them.

What was your induction period like?

My present boss introduced me to KHS during my first weeks at the company. He explained the various tasks and responsibilities of a CAD advisor to me, the functions of new application programs, the directory and filing structures – in other words, everything you need to know when you're new to a job or company. I was also taught to hold user training sessions with a certain CAD software. I joined the first training courses as a co-trainer and only gradually took on certain sections of the course. After an initial familiarization period I was then able to take courses lasting several days on my own.

Can you describe exactly which tasks and responsibilities you have at KHS?

On the one hand I'm a point of contact and provide technical support on how to use our CAD software. I also support our colleagues in Design Engineering on the structure and use of databases as they require them. If there are any hitches – such as when designing 3D models, for instance – I help to find a quick solution. I also give software training courses. When and if required I hold basic, further and database training courses for colleagues. I'm also responsible for checking and testing programs prior to a new version being launched and for later introducing these and training employees to use the updates. In my department we basically strive to improve and speed up work in Design Engineering and to develop existing design engineering methods further.

What do you particularly like at KHS?

Through my job as a CAD advisor and thanks to the CAD training courses I hold I come into contact with lots of people and have traveled quite a bit. I've been able to get to know many different KHS sites and work with various colleagues from all kinds of departments.  I'm a team player and enjoy working with others together on a larger project. You have the chance to do this at KHS. I like that very much!

In your view, what qualities are especially important for your job?

I'd say that good communication skills are extremely important. After all, I want my colleagues to learn something in my courses! You also have to be flexible and committed, as the technology doesn't always do what it's supposed to do and then you have to react fast and find a solution. It's therefore also important to have an analytical mind.

What's the absolute highlight of your time at KHS thus far?

There have been lots of exciting projects with interesting challenges which we've managed successfully.  For me, the biggest challenge and also my absolute personal highlight was when I was allowed to develop a new software with an external company which is now in exclusive use at KHS.

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