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Frederic Nitka

How did you come to join KHS?

In 2007, while I was studying for my degree, a former student friend of mine passed on an advert looking for people to write their thesis at KHS. The offer sounded interesting so I put together an application and sent it off. A few days later I was called for interview. The relevant employee and I then discussed the topic of my thesis in great detail. Not long afterwards I received a job offer from KHS.

And then?

To start with I wrote my diploma thesis on the reorganization of an assembly area. Once my thesis was finished, investigations were made as to in how far the results of my research could also be applied to KHS. The result was my first project, with me being given the task of promoting the implementation of the concept described in my theses as a pilot project. Various other projects of this kind subsequently developed from this pilot project. Once I'd finished my degree, KHS asked me if I wanted to work for them as a project engineer. Two years later I was entrusted with the running of the Industrial Engineering Department at the plant in Dortmund.

What are your tasks in Industrial Engineering?

My tasks include coordinating customer quotes which have an international delivery contingent. Transfering knowledge from our German to our international plants is of prime importance here. These processes must run smoothly and if possible without any loss of information as otherwise problems could arise further down the line. I also work with my colleagues in the department on developing structures which simplify the management of the international production network.

Mr. Nitka, what would you say are the most important qualities you need for your job?

Basically, it's important to have a good relationship with your colleagues and to treat them with respect and appreciation, because in a company of this size you can only be successful in a team. It's also an advantage to be creative.

What highlights do you like to remember?

In my previous position, working on the development and later launch of the KHS production system was a very interesting task. Here, it was important to work closely as a team in production across all departments and plants.

How do you see your future at KHS?

As I'm partly responsible for our international production network, in the future I'd also like to work with my colleagues on the further development of our structures, as this helps to optimally manage our production network . Coordinating a network like this not only has lots of future potential but also presents a number of challenges.

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