KHS Group

Working environment

Our success is based on contented, motivated employees and a positive, cooperative working atmosphere. At KHS we treat our employees in a social and responsible way. Respect for everyone is very important in our company. We offer our employees an attractive workspace, positive working conditions, and performance-based remuneration.

Fair remuneration and secure pension provision

Both employees on a pay scale and salaried employees receive fair and attractive remuneration. Personal performance plays an important role, as the remuneration is comprised of two parts. There is a fixed part and a variable part. The variable part is used to reward special achievements accordingly. 
Furthermore, as part of the occupational pension scheme, our employees can contribute to their financial security for the future themselves by investing a percentage of their remuneration in provision for retirement. This is then supplemented by the employer.

Flexible time management for balancing family and career

We want our employees to feel happy, satisfied, and contented. Therefore, at KHS we use flexible working time models that can be adapted individually to suit the respective requirements. For our employees on parental leave, it is a matter of course that they can take part in information seminars and further training events during this time to make their re-entry into the workplace as smooth as possible. At the end of their parental leave, flexible working hours and support in the organization of childcare ensure an effortless balance between family and career.

Responsible health management

The health of our employees is an issue that is very close to our heart, as only healthy and happy employees can contribute to our joint success. Therefore, occupational health and safety measures are highly valued in our company. We actively promote the health of our employees by regularly carrying out KHS health days. In addition, we cooperate with local fitness studios, organize sports events, and guarantee nutritionally balanced meals in our canteens.