KHS Group

Cutting-edge filling and packaging technology

As an international manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment for the beverage, food, and non-food sectors KHS Group holds a leading position within the industry. The German company was established in 1993 from a merger involving Holstein & Kappert AG of Dortmund (founded in 1868) and Seitz-Werke GmbH in Bad Kreuznach (later SEN AG).  Based in Dortmund, together with a workforce numbering 5,149 KHS group* achieved a turnover of approx. € 1,260bn in 2019. KHS Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salzgitter Klöckner-Werke GmbH, itself part of the Salzgitter Group.

At five plants within Germany KHS develops and manufactures the full range of filling and packaging machines. High-performance systems and equipment for lower capacities are included in its portfolio.

Besides being the company headquarters, Dortmund is also the center for sanitizing, pasteurizing, inspection, labeling, and conveying technology.  As one of the four other major sites in Germany the factory in Kleve manages the company's packaging technology, focusing on the latest final packaging. The Bad Kreuznach plant concentrates on process, filler, and aseptic technology and is responsible for filtration systems, beverage blending units, flash pasteurizers, keg technology, and rinsing, filling, and closure systems. High-performance palletizers and packing and unpacking systems are built in Worms. Hamburg is where the company's PET expertise is pooled, with stretch blow molders, barrier technology, and Bottles & Shapes PET bottle designs developed here. Outside Germany KHS has production facilities in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, and China.

KHS Group is valued as a market leader and supplier of innovative, reliable, and highly efficient products and services, such as turnkey lines, single machines, and conversions – and is also greatly appreciated for its on-site service available worldwide 24/7. Modern concepts consistently developed and manufactured according to customer expectations underline the KHS vision of being first choice in technology and service. The most recent new developments include the modular KHS Innoket Neo labeling machine, the FullyEnclosed FilmPack shrink packaging unit, a high-performance palletizing center for 200,000 cph canning lines, the extremely low-consumption beer stabilization system KHS Innopro ECOSTAB C, the KHS Innofill Glass platform for up to 75,000 bottles per hour, the KHS InnoPET BloFill stretch blow molder/filler monoblock for a maximum 81,000 PET bottles per hour, and KHS Innokeg plant technology that can rack up to 2,000 kegs per hour.

As part of its corporate responsibility KHS Group attaches great importance to the development of sustainable systems, environmentally-friendly production, and social aspects. This is impressively illustrated by the company's ethical audits and ECOPROFIT awards.

*: Salzgitter consolidation group