Ecological awareness

The protection of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources are among our most important company objectives. This is why we also want to optimize our use of energy and resources in all areas in the future and thus make our own contribution to the protection of the environment.

„I have to use my resources well to successfully reach my target.“

Christine Fu, Executive sales assistant for KHS Shanghai, likes to spend her free time doing sport outdoors, part of KHS for two years

Our areas of focus
  • Resource savings
  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainable products
  • Employee sensitization
Team task: protection of the environment

As many of the aspects relevant to the saving of energy and the protection of the environment, such as our electricity consumption, heating requirements, treatment of hazardous materials and waste management, are heavily dependent on each and every one of us, we rely on our employees' support to achieve our goals. We find it important that the economical and sustainable use of resources is part of everyday life for the people at KHS.

So that everyone knows how he or she can be more environmentally friendly at work, our Energy and Environmental Management Department continuously issues extensive information on this subject. Switching off lights and appliances at the end of the day, separating waste, printing paper on both sides, holding phone and video conferences instead of making business trips: we have made it our job to heighten employee awareness of this subject and to show that even small measures can have a big impact.

Our aim: to continuously reduce our energy consumption

We consider it our duty to practice environmental friendliness and to continuously monitor and improve our processes to this end. The sustainable use of natural resources is of major relevance to us. Over the past few years we have implemented many positive internal and external measures in this respect. We therefore wish to continue to focus on making a further significant reduction in our use of energy in the future, too.

Selected key figures

The following savings were made from 2012 to the end of 2014: