Social commitment

This area focuses primarily on our employees and their sense of well-being. Through targeted further development we promote the potential of each and every individual, aiming to increase his or her motivation and satisfaction in the long term.

„Solidarity is of the utmost importance - both in your private and working life. For you can only achieve a common goal with a strong team, in which each person can unfold his or her personal potential.“

Detlef Hirse, Industrial mechanic, youth soccer coach and part of KHS for eight years.

Our areas of focus
  • Health
  • Occupational safety
  • Advanced and further training
  • Social responsibility
Encouragement of young talent and personnel development

We attach great value to the continuous encouragement of young talent and targeted personnel development. This is the only way we can secure our competitiveness also in the long term. Innovations evolve where expertise and creativity converge – in the heads of the people who work for KHS all over the world.

It is important to us that we give our employees a sense of perspective, both personally and professionally. We thus offer a wide range of courses as part of our in-house program of further training which covers topics from IT and engineering through sales and service to language courses, methodology and leadership.

Occupational safety with KHS

The safety of our employees and the operators of our machines comes first for us at KHS. In order to minimize the risk of accidents at work we believe not only in consistently developing our products further but also in constantly heightening awareness of this important topic above all else. We encourage safety consciousness among all KHS employees by launching preventive measures such as the Safety at work is a matter of thought campaign, for example. Regular training courses and briefings are also held at all KHS production sites so that our lines and machines are among the safest in the world – both now and in the future.

In order to be able to master our daily challenges in the long term, we need a fit, motivated and efficient team. This is why we have made our KHS: fit & active company health management system a fixed feature of our corporate organizational structure. In this program we offer all of our employees a range of measures which are designed to fortify their health and further improve their sense of well-being in the workplace.


In endeavoring to reach our objectives we find it important to act responsibly towards society and the environment in a way that ensures economic success. You can find our detailed compliance guidelines here.

Selected key figures

All figures refer to the KHS sites in Germany.