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MARTENS Brouwerij brings Direct Print powered by KHS™ to market

Dortmund (Germany) / Bocholt (Belgium), 10 August 2015 – MARTENS Brouwerij based in Bocholt, Belgium, is launching a new brand of beer, ‘Dagschotel’, in coordination with a well-known group of Belgian TV sitcom actors, ‘F.C. Kampioenen’, to promote their upcoming movie ‘Jubilee Generale’. MARTENS injected some fun into the Dagschotel beer launch with digitally printed, premium quality PET bottles which come to life using a specially-designed F.C. Kampioenen beer smartphone application. With the app, F.C. Kampioenen characters printed on the bottles deliver special performances on the smartphone. When two bottles are brought together, the app brings to life a dialog between the characters – truly innovative and engaging – resulting in talking bottles. KHS and NMP Systems were key innovation partners for MARTENS both with Plasmax FreshSafe-PET® barrier coating for enhanced shelf life and premium beer focus and also with Direct Print Powered by KHS™.  Direct Print is the first industrial-scale, digital printing process with low-migration UV cure inks to provide a food-safe solution for PET bottles. Phil Johnson from NMP Systems is excited about the Direct Print partnership with MARTENS and states that ‘the breakthrough technology of digital printing onto PET will enable beverage companies to change graphics within minutes instead of weeks, and create new forms of consumer experience in a world where everything is digital.’ MARTENS Brouwerij mission statement ‘Every day our actions are defined by innovations in new technologies, processes and products’ is a perfect match for the close partnership with KHS, bringing new PET technologies such as FreshSafe-PET® and Direct Print into the world of beverages. For more information on KHS:www.khs.comFor more information on Direct Print:innovation@nmp-systems.comFor more information on Plasmax:freshsafepet.khs.comAbout NMP Systems GmbH: NMP Systems GmbH, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a subsidiary of KHS GmbH, responsible for bringing breakthrough innovation packaging systems powered by KHS to the global beverage market. KHS GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food and non-food industries worldwide. KHS is part of Salzgitter AG and has an international production network. The KHS Group has a workforce of over 4,600 employees. The company holds the Innovation through Research seal (2014) and Top 100 seal for its innovation management (2015).

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