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Nature MultiPack™ world premier set for Evian ‘prestige’ PET bottles

With Nature MultiPack™ NMP Systems GmbH is bringing a disruptive packaging innovation ‘Powered by KHS’ to market.

Dusseldorf (Germany), 10 March 2016 – With Nature MultiPack™ NMP Systems GmbH is bringing a disruptive packaging innovation ‘Powered by KHS’ to market. An intensive collaboration with Danone Waters led to the premier market introduction on brand Evian starting in France and Belgium this month.

Nature MultiPack™ is the bonding together of PET bottles with specially developed adhesives. Convenient handles and individual bottle orientation effectively convey marketing messages. The pack is designed to endure transportation and merchandising logistics, and yet consumers can easily separate bottles from the pack.

Compared with paperboard, shrink film and plastic ring based multipacks, Nature MultiPack™ uses dramatically less packaging material and delivers a premium look and feel. The KHS developed pack also won a 2016 German Design Award for outstanding communication design and sustainable packaging.

Frederic Maetz, global engineering vice president at Danone Waters who participated directly in the 24-month collaboration comments: “Our leadership committed immediately to the partnership and earned first-in-market advantages. Danone Waters R&D, engineering, industrialization, quality, and marketing people enjoy working closely together with the dedicated people from KHS and NMP Systems.”

Professor Niemeyer, Chairman of the Executive Management Board at KHS, is confident about the new packaging solution: “Disruptive innovation is an important part of our strategy at KHS, as well as within the Salzgitter group of companies. Nature MultiPack™ will change the future of packaging. With this innovation, we have reinvented ourselves. After introducing the world to shrink packs over 50 years ago, with this packaging we are again proving to be successful with a market-defining hit.”

About NMP Systems GmbH

NMP Systems GmbH, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a subsidiary of KHS GmbH, responsible for bringing breakthrough innovation packaging systems powered by KHS to the global beverage market. KHS GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food and non-food industries worldwide. KHS is part of Salzgitter AG and has an international production network. The KHS Group has a workforce of over 4,600 employees. The company holds the Innovation through Research seal (2014) and Top 100 seal for its innovation management (2015).

About Evian

evian, a Danone Group brand, is present is more than 140 countries across the world. evian, as the world leader of premium natural mineral water, has introduced breakthrough innovations to the category over the past decades: 1st water spray, 1st PET bottle, 1st compactable bottle...

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