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The world's first company to promote the innovative KHS Plasmax technology to consumers

Turkish beverage manufacturer Doganay Gida relies on three KHS aseptic lines at once, thereby underlining its strict quality policy

Based in Adana in the southern part of the country, Doganay Gida is one of the leading manufacturers of fruit and vegetable drinks in Turkey. Doganay Gida just recently ordered three KHS aseptic lines at once.  Two of the three lines are already running production and the third will go into operation before the beginning of the 2015 season. The special feature of all three lines is that each is equipped with an InnoPET Plasmax. This machine coats the insides of all PET bottles with an ultra-thin layer of silicon oxide - pure glass.  This coating provides the best possible quality protection for bottled beverages  by specifically preventing the exchange of substances such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and flavorings between the product and the packaging and environment.  This increases what is known as the shelf-life, i.e. this special PET bottle treatment makes it possible to store products safely for longer periods. A decisive aspect with regard to sustainability is that these coated PET bottles can be fully recycled.
According to Rafet Doganay, who owns the company jointly with his brother Remzi Doganay and who is responsible for sales and marketing, "Doganay Gida has pursued a strict quality policy since the company was founded.  The KHS aseptic lines equipped with integrated Plasmax technology aid us in realizing this policy in every respect."
Targeted advertising campaign for CAMPET = GlassPET captivates consumers
It is interesting to note that Doganay Gida is the world's first beverage company to communicate the benefits of FreshSAFE PET Plasmax technology directly to consumers under the term CAMPET, the Turkish equivalent of GlassPET. And in a very impressive, easy-to-remember, and strategically sophisticated way at that.  An initial one-week TV campaign in which the Doganay company deliberately did not appear, merely showed how difficult it sometimes is for consumers to decide between the glass and the PET bottle. In a second likewise one-week broadcast, the TV commercial intimated that it is no longer necessary to make the difficult choice between glass and PET now that what is known as the glass/PET bottle is available.  It wasn't revealed until the third week that the so very desirable glass/PET bottles contain Doganay Gida's Limonata product.
Parallel to this TV commercial Doganay Gida placed the film clips on YouTube.  Within only a few weeks the company had already chalked up more 250,000 views.
Rafet Doganay: "The response to our advertising campaign was outstanding. Although we expected a great amount of interest, we did not suspect just how captivated consumers would be by the glass/PET idea.  This clearly underlines yet again our high quality standard. We are very satisfied."
In addition to one InnoPET Plasmax machine each, each of the two KHS aseptic lines already in operation includes a Blomax Series IV stretch blow molder and in all instances an Innosept Asbofill ABF 711 aseptic linear filling machine. Besides an Innopack Kisters SP Basic shrink packer, the packaging area shared by the two lines includes a roll-fed Innoket 360 Duo labeler. Robot grouping and the Innopal PB1N palletizer comprise a further part of the line concept.  Both lines run at a total capacity of up to 24,000 bottles per hour processing 0.25- and 1-liter size containers.
KHS aseptic lines mean active future-proofing
According to Remzi Doganay who is responsible for the Technology division: "The lines are running perfectly and were put into operation within a very short time. We are especially looking forward to using the third already ordered line - an Innosept Asbofill ASR - the new generation of KHS aseptic rotary machine technology which will enable us to run production at up to 36,000 bottles per hour. Because of the rapidly growing demand for our products, for us this effectively means active future-proofing."
In addition to the Limonata mentioned above, Doganay Gida produces many other non-alcoholic beverages. The sales volume in 2013 totaled about 40 million liters. The company's flagship product yet ahead of Limonata is Salgam, a vegetable drink made from the juice of fermented red turnips. Doganay Gida's market share of the Salgam consumption in Turkey is currently close to 95%. The range of products includes not only orange juice, pomegranate syrup, and lemon juice but also various vinegar products. Doganay Gida also distributes its products beyond Turkey's border and is active in more than 30 countries on all continents.
KHS GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food and non-food industries. Headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, the company has over 4,500 employees worldwide.
KHS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salzgitter AG. With around 25,000 employees throughout the globe the German steel and technology group achieved a turnover of over €9 billion in the business year 2013. Within the Salzgitter Group the KHS Group and two other special machine manufacturers make up the technology division and are part of the core business of the MDAX-listed corporation.

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