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At long last, meeting in person again! We are already looking forward to welcoming you to drinktec in Munich and to taking a look into the future with you. A wide range of reliable and promising filling and packaging systems awaits you. In focus: increasing overall system efficiency as well as extending the system life cycle of your production operation.


Future-proof, flexible filling and packaging systems, reliable on-site solutions and digital services, environmentally-friendly and circular packaging concepts and much more await you at KHS’ trade show booth at drinktec in Munich, Germany.



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drinktec 2022

Opening times for visitors:
September 12 to 15, 2022, 9.00 am
to 6.00 pm
September 16, 2022, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Messe München
Exhibition center
81823 Munich

Find us here:

More information can be found on the drinktec website.

Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment now?

Then contact us at drinktec[at]khs.com.

The beverage industry is faced with enormous global challenges. We would like to provide you with answers to urgent issues regarding protection of the climate and resources with respect to our products and systems. What is needed to achieve low-emission, most efficient and long-lasting value creation in your filling and packaging processes? And how will we continue to ensure product and consumer protection? What will the packaging of the future look like?

Even today you already profit from our economical and durable filling and packaging systems. In the future, the primary focus will be on the efficiency of your entire system. This requires a 360° view of all related processes. How do automated processes help in this regard? How much flexibility does a filling and packaging line require? What is needed to extend the life cycle of systems and what must the packaging of the future look like? 

We constantly keep track of all of this, and with our four subject areas, Reliable Services, Smart Operations, Line Efficiency and Circular Packaging, we will clearly and impressively demonstrate innovative products at the trade show - foremost efficient new and further developments.



Discover our four focus topics

We always keep your lines and systems permanently up to date and thus create continuous customer added value.

Reliable service is the linchpin for all of our products. We want you to be able to produce economically and flexibly for as long as possible with the help of more than 200 modernization measures as well as a constantly growing number of modular solutions. For example, you can easily add an alternative paper packaging system to an existing line as a retrofit or use it to replace plastic film. Our Remote Diagnostic Service (ReDiS) and our Augmented Reality Service (ARS) enable us to quickly and immediately maintain your systems as well as visually inspect them for potential faults in real time. You can rely on these digital services that have been tried and tested over many years.

And what about the discontinuation of certain components or HMI software solutions in your system? Our discontinuation management makes sure that you are informed well in advance and are able to plan accordingly in good time.

Economic and long-lasting system operation requires above all constantly advancing know-how that enables us to offer you the right service products both today and in the future.

Our KHS Technical Talks series of webinars offers you and us the opportunity for a direct exchange of information with experts - live and unfiltered. Register free of charge! We’re looking forward to seeing you!


New at drinktec 2022

In the future, KHS Connect will offer you even more options extending beyond ordering spare parts: we will be presenting innovations live at the trade show.


We support you with optimal system control so that your production processes run efficiently and reliably. Automation processes are among those areas offering particularly high potential for increasing your system efficiency and achieving your zero-accident strategy.

You already benefit from the MES Manufacturing Execution System as a turnkey IT system: the various versions of this system serve to optimize the production processes in your line. We are aware of the importance of these digital systems and continue to develop our solutions for use in existing systems. The basic version, known as Basic Line Monitoring (BLM), which primarily captures production data from filling, packaging and filling-related processes, is now also available as a digital retrofit for the future-proof expansion of your system.


New at drinktec 2022

For example, we will be showing you systems for automated line conversion and much more.


Even today, the modular design enables you to retrofit your KHS systems in many instances. You remain flexible and thus extend the life cycle of your systems.

The new PET filler platform, for example, allows you to convert to other container formats or beverage types at any time without having to invest in a completely new machine.


New at drinktec 2022

In cooperation with Ferrum, we are presenting an innovative filler/seamer block system in addition to other highlights.


Packaging systems hold a great deal of potential for further reducing emissions. We provide you with holistic support on your quest for recyclable packaging systems. We have developed FreshSafe PET, for example, the only recyclable barrier system for juices, carbonated beverages, wine and sauces bottled in [r]PET containers. We have more than 40 years of experience in [r]PET and offer comprehensive advice on everything from sustainable container design through the use of recyclate and alternative materials to regulatory systems such as tethered caps.


New at drinktec 2022

You can expect an innovative packaging system for highly carbonated beverages that saves on material and is fully recyclable.

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