Combined packaging system Innopack TLM

Combined packaging system Innopack TLM

Flexible primary and secondary packaging of your cans and glass and PET bottles

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With our flexible, blocked packaging system comprising the KHS packer and Schubert erecting and closing system you can combine various packaging options for your beverage, food and non-food products. The KHS packer can be used individually to pack and unpack containers or included in a block setup. The line can be modularly configured to process up to 20,000/30,000/40,000/50,000 or 60,000 bottles per hour. When processing cans an output of up to 120,000 cans per hour can be achieved. No more fine adjustment is needed during format changeovers, enabling the entire system to be set up in a very short time indeed.

Well thought out

With its modular design the blocked packaging system allows you to process various primary packaging styles on one system, such as clusters, baskets, top-clip, fully enclosed and semi-open wrap, plus secondary packaging, including your trays, folding cartons and plastic crates, for example, and can be adapted accordingly to suit future packaging trends.

  • Modular design for high flexibility
  • Space-saving system, as with the erector, packer and closing system at least three stand-alone machines plus the appropriate bottle and pack conveyors are combined on one machine block
  • High reproducibility during quick format changeovers without the need for fine adjustment
  • Maintenance, wear and energy consumption reduced: no additional pack conveyors required
  • Low operating costs: the compact system can be operated by just one operator. The maintenance effort is also reduced thanks to the use of robot technology
  • Low reject quantities: fast, tool-free format changeovers produce saleable products from the very first pack

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