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Horizontal-Form-Fill-Seal KHS Innopouch Bartelt® IM

Reliability and flexibility in Form-Fill-Seal packaging with the ORIGINAL KHS Innopouch Bartelt® IM poucher

Horizontal-Form-Fill-Seal KHS Innopouch Bartelt® IM

Interesting Facts

The KHS Innopouch Bartelt® IM poucher debuted in 1949 and is the most widely sold model of Horizontal Form - Fill-Seal Poucher in the world, with nearly 4000 sold to date. The KHS BARTELT® IM has the flexibility to produce three- or four-sided seal pouches as well as gusseted, Delta-Pac, Doyen-style stand-up and membrane pouches with or without resealable press-to-close. It can be configured for simplex or tandem applications, and is available in right hand and left hand configurations. The KHS Bartelt IM is available in 2 configurations and several pouch size ranges.


Well thought out

The KHS BARTELT® IM is constructed of sturdy, heavy duty materials and has been engineered to precise standards to enhance your productivity and efficiency. The filling versatility of the design is evident in the large variety of products you can package on this machine, and you can upgrade this machine easily to meet future requirements.

The Standard IM machine is available in 6", 7", 8” and 9" index pitch models and capable of producing pouch sizes from 2" wide x 2" height to 7.75" wide x 9.5" height. This machine is a reliable, robust packager suitable for a wide range of food and non-food products, including drink mixes, rice, beans, spices, noodles, towelettes and viscous liquids. It has mechanical performance rates up to 110 cycles per minute.

The IM Focus machine is available in 7” and 9” index pitch models and capable of producing pouch sizes from 2" wide x 2" height to 7.75" wide x 9.5" height. It is designed for the specific needs of single-serve markets such as dry food products, pharmaceutical products, liquid sachets and non-woven wipes. It has mechanical performance rates up to 100 cycles per minute.


  • The Original and the most widely sold horizontal form fill and seal pouch machine
  • Servo main drive and touch screen operator panel
  • Simple operation in a robust design


  • Easily upgradable to meet your future requirements
  •  Maximum flexibility for packaging a wide range of products
  • Ability to run smaller side seals to save material usage


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Tom Brooker
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Director of Service

Dennis O’Dowd
Mobile: +1 941 780 1621

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