Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal KHS Innopouch Bartelt® RPM

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal KHS Innopouch Bartelt® RPM

Form-fill-seal machine ideal for large pouches and heavy fill weights

Interesting Facts

The KHS Innopouch Bartelt® RPM is a rotary turret horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machine that features double pouch clamps to enable you to run heavy fill weights and create large pouch sizes (e.g. for dog treats). Double pouch clamps hold the product firmly in place as it moves through an eight-station servo-driven rotary turret. Quick adjustment features for size changeovers and a rapid change sealing system allow you to reduce your downtime and optimize your production output. The KHS Innopouch Bartelt® RPM comes in two performance configurations, the RPM 950 and RPM 1500, and is available in simplex for larger pouch-size ranges operating at up to 65 cycles per minute, or duplex  that can produce pouches up to 120 pouches per minute.


Well thought out

The KHS Innopouch Bartelt® RPM is capable of meeting your demands for a wide range of pouch styles and sizes. Design features include accurate speed changes at the touch of a button, easy maintenance and interfaces with single and double dump scales, as well as auger fillers and a variety of other fillers.



  • Dual pouch clamps for heavy fill weights in larger pouches
  • Simple changeovers to pouch sizes


  • Versatility to create a wide range of pouch styles and sizes
  • Fill weights up to 5 pounds
  • Compact rotary design allows you to optimize floor space

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