Innocheck BSS bottle sorter

Innocheck BSS bottle sorter

High-performance bottle sorting system for glass and PET bottles

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We guide your bottles into orderly lanes. Our Innocheck BSS (Bottle Sorting System) enables glass and PET bottles which have to be made ready for bottling to be reliably inspected and sorted. The efficient bottle sorter can be used for all types of bottles and materials and sorts reliably up to 72,000 bottles/h. In doing so, the system differentiates the bottles by features such as height, shape, color and mouth. Bottles that do not meet the predefined sorting criteria are channeled out of the bottle flow by our discharge system. The Innocheck BSS produces optimum sorting results, thus avoiding incorrect filling and at the same time increasing system efficiency.

Well thought out

The integral image processing system detects the bottle under consideration based on its features. These are then compared with the taught bottle types. If the features of the inspected bottle correspond with one of the stored samples, it is automatically assigned to this type. Changes in bottle quality can be tolerated by the system with its capability to learn. Easy to operate and flexible in use!


  • Can be easily integrated into existing systems thanks to compact design
  • Innovative software algorithms produce optimum sorting results
  • High-resolution color camera with special lens provides high-precision images


  • Reduce your maintenance costs by using long-life LED lighting
  • Optimum sorting results to avoid incorrect filling

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