Innocheck KPU Rejection System

Innocheck KPU Rejection System

Reliable rejection of defective crates

Good to know

The wrong crates or defective crates cause disruption to the production flow on returnable lines. Missing items, glass remnants and broken, defective handles are some of the more common problems in production. By carrying out special checks on full and empty crates and crates containing empty bottles, we can reliably detect these types of problems. Crates with defects can be reliably rejected with the aid of our Innocheck KPU. A pneumatically-controlled cylinder extends a lever arm which holds the ejection segment. With the appropriate amount of force, the crate is pushed out of the production flow.

Well thought out

Our dependable rejection system is the ideal choice wherever crates are inspected for possible defects. This highly reliable system ensures that defective crates are immediately rejected. The rejection system is an indispensable tool for highly effective quality control. Above-ground and underground versions are available. Simple, compact design is a very impressive feature of these systems which take up very little space.


  • Rugged, compact, simple design
  • High availability makes the machines very dependable
  • Can be installed in nearly any situation


  • Minimize your maintenance costs by installing this compact rejection system on your line
  • Compressed air consumption is reduced to a minimum to conserve valuable resources
  • Stable, low-wear ejection elements reduce your repair and maintenance costs



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