Innocheck PKS-DR Pallet Checker

Innocheck PKS-DR Pallet Checker

Thorough, dependable pressure check to verify pallet quality

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We want to make sure that your products are not damaged. To avoid the risk of product breakage during shipment, our Innocheck PKS-DR carries out a thorough, dependable check to verify the stability and integrity of your empty wooden, plastic or metal pallets. The geometry of the pallets is checked, and test cylinders are used to verify the load capacity of the individual deck boards. To ensure that the surface of the pallet is ready for the palletizing operation, a roller pushes in the nails and an optional brushing station can also be provided. This very dependable pressure-based pallet verification system quickly checks up to 120 pallets or 200 half pallets per hour.

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An inspection station located in the pallet handling system checks the stability, integrity and geometry of incoming pallets. KHS customers can select either pneumatic plungers or pneumatic rollers for pressure testing. This gives them the freedom to choose the best option for their particular application. The force applied by the test equipment can be adjusted. Defective pallets which are outside the defined limits are rejected. Sensors capture information from the test process. The input signals are sent for analysis to the inspection station which forwards the results to the downstream handling equipment. If defective or damaged pallets are detected, they can automatically be ejected from the production line to avoid disruption to the material flow or product damage during shipment. Safety first!


  • Suitable for pallets with longitudinal and transverse deck boards for maximum flexibility
  • User-friendly operation - no changeover required for different pallet formats
  • Maximum adaptability of the inspection equipment to the specific needs of the production line, including fully automated warehousing systems


  • Use of H1 lubricants reduces your environmental footprint
  • Energy-efficient motors reduce your energy costs
  • Early detection of pallet defects increases the efficiency and availability of your line

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