Innocheck PKS-DU Pallet Checker

Innocheck PKS-DU Pallet Checker

Thorough inspection of your empty pallets to ensure integrity during shipping

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To keep your line running smoothly, you need to ensure that your pallets are intact. Our highly dependable Innocheck PKS-DU Pallet Checker carries out a thorough inspection to verify the integrity of your empty wooden, plastic or metal pallets. Besides checking the geometry of the pallet, the system uses rollers to verify the presence of the individual deck boards on the pallet. This highly dependable pallet checker quickly inspects up to 300 pallets per hour. Whether you need standalone inspection or a complex pallet checking station, the system is an indispensable tool in your production process.

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A feed-through pallet checking station equipped with test equipment and light barriers / sensors is installed in the pallet handling system to inspect the pallets. Sensors monitor the test rollers. The input signals from the sensors are sent for analysis to the inspection station which forwards the results to the downstream handling equipment. If defective pallets are detected, they can automatically be ejected from the production line. The system is dependable, fast and efficient.


  • The system features a rugged, compact design to ensure a long product lifecycle
  • Maximum adaptability of the inspection equipment to the specific needs of the production line, including fully automated warehousing systems
  • Early detection of pallet defects increases the efficiency and availability of your line


  • Energy-efficient motors reduce your energy costs
  • There are no pneumatic components, so your energy consumption is reduced to a minimum

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