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Innofill PET NV PET filler

Innofill PET NV PET filler

Still water bottling at maximum capacity

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With the Innofill PET NV we offer you modern, computer-controlled precision technology for your sophisticated products. This exact-amount, high-performance system is capable of achieving outstanding filling capacities of up to 81,000 bottles an hour. On request we provide the Innofill PET NV either as a single machine, blocked with a bottle rinser and stretch blow molder as the InnoPET BloFill or as the InnoPET TriBlock Aqua with a stretch blow molder and labeler.

Well thought out

With its very short conversion times for product and/or bottle changeovers the Innofill PET NV gives you exceptionally high system availability. This PET bottle filler offers you high flexibility coupled with maximum performance according to your requirements. The new machine pitch of 25.7 pi yields a high performance density in the filler and capper for bottles with a maximum diameter of 75 mm. Larger bottle formats can be processed using the familiar machine pitches of 30 to 45 pi.


  • The free-flow filling principle ensures maximum microbiological and hygienic safety
  • Exact adherence to fill levels thanks to the volumetric filling system, either with electromagnetic inductive or mechanical flow metering for water with a low conductivity
  • Three available filling speeds for optimum filling quality


  • Reduce your product loss with low-foam filling combined with optimized bottle conveying through the filler carousel and screw capper
  • Hygienic design for easy, resource-saving sanitizing

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