Innokeg AK keg washer

Innokeg AK keg washer

Efficient 2-zone exterior washing of soiled kegs

Good to know

Our Innokeg AK 1/ AK 3 keg exterior washer provides lively support when handling your kegs. A generously sized circulation bath with temperature-controlled heating and two cleaning zones ensures effective removal of labels and heavy soiling. The use of spray nozzles, which spray warm water or caustic onto the kegs in the first zone and fresh water for rinsing in the second zone, enables you to carry out efficient cleaning and give your product a sparkling appearance. It also allows you to work at high pressure with a maximum throughput of up to 1300 kegs/h. As an option, we can extend your machine with a high-pressure cleaner (80 bar) or a rotating brush station for this purpose.

Well thought out

Our Innokeg AK 1 / AK 3 is constructed from modular assemblies and can therefore be adapted to suit your individual performance and cleaning requirements. Choose your personal cleaning times and reduce your media consumption. Contamination is removed easily and conveniently by means of a pressurized sieve or optionally by means of an automatic waste discharge system. The integral control system ensures that the cleaning process is continuously monitored.


  • Fully automatic, highly efficient cleaning of all keg formats in a 2-zone design
  • Reduced operator intervention and format-part-free keg handling thanks to automatic adjustment of the railings and hold-down devices
  • Optimum cleaning results thanks to an effective combination of brushes, nozzles, filters and high-pressure cleaning


  • Reduce your resource consumption by using water cascading systems and minimize media carryover between the individual zones
  • Optimize your cleaning process with an easy-access automatic filter system
  • Invest in solid and proven technology which has been shown to enable the machine to be used for very long periods

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