Innokeg check weigher keg and can accessory

Innokeg check weigher keg and can accessory

Keg check weighers for the optimum weight determination of all keg and can sizes

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Our Innokeg check weighers are perfectly suited to the requirements of semi-automatic and fully automatic keg systems. In both the low-performance and the high-performance range, they weigh up to 1600 full and empty 5-100 l kegs/h. Various systems are available for the accurate processing of all common keg and can sizes.

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Starting with the manual weigher with roller conveyor, our range also includes the fully automatic start-stop weigher, continuous scales for in-line and high-performance systems, and the gross tare weigher which allows you to determine the actual filling quantity in each keg and detect deviations from the specified quantity at an early stage. Their robust and low-wear-and-maintenance design in conjunction with a high level of operator convenience gives you an outstanding price-performance ratio.


  • High level of operator convenience in both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes
  • Different systems for the ideal processing of all common keg sizes
  • The short design saves space when incorporating into the keg system


  • Run your plant efficiently by channeling out barrels with remaining beer from the keg handling system to the Innokeg decanter
  • Gross tare weighing enables statistical checking of the keg filling process
  • Low-wear and low-maintenance thanks to robust design

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