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Innoket Roland 40

Innoket Roland 40

Small – and still KHS! Our table labeling machine

Good to know

High quality standards with a low cost of procurement are what characterize our compact Innoket Roland 40 labeling machine. Tailored to meet the requirements of craft brewers and companies in the food and non-food sectors it has many possible applications and is easy to operate. It comes equipped with two cold glue stations; self-adhesive labeling stations and a combination of cold glue and self-adhesive technology and hot melt are also feasible. It is designed for capacities of between 2,500 and 25,000 bottles per hour.

Well thought out

On the Innoket Roland 40 we have integrated many of the proven components from our established Innoket Neo labeler which is used in the high-capacity range. You thus not only benefit from high-quality technology with a compact footprint but also from low manufacturing costs and short delivery times as a number of quantity effects are generated here. These tried-and-tested components include the carousel, infeed and discharge stars, folding doors, installation and format parts and guides, gripper cylinder, label magazine and servo feed screw, for example, which unlike a stop star permits gentle bottle stops. If required the basic version of the table machine can be easily expanded to include KHS VarioDrives (bottle plates driven by servomotors which take on individual labeling tasks), traveling applicators or a sensor package, for instance.


  • Price-optimized, flexible system which can be expanded as required
  • Space-saving machine containing tried-and-tested technology from the high-performance range
  • Simple operation


  • Efficient production of the required components as the same components as those on larger machines are used
  • Diverse range of applications for bottles holding 0.25 to 2 liters
  • Variable use with cold glue, self-adhesive and hot melt labeling

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