Innoket SE Labeling Machine

Innoket SE Labeling Machine

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Constantly new trends and market developments in the food and beverage industries mean that our customers continually require the technological adaptation of their machinery. With the modular Innoket SE labeling machine designed especially to meet such requirements, we can best prepare you for all future challenges. Our multifunctional, top-performance labeler combines flexibility, safety, and convenience in one machine. A number of different, easily interchangeable modules are available for all of your labeling requirements. Providing first-class labeling of your cans, glass, PET, and plastic containers at a capacity of up to 60,000 bottles an hour, depending on the module used, the Innoket SE is convincing. Its maximum output makes it the fastest modular labeling machine worldwide for beverage, food, and non-food products.

Well thought out

Changing the SE over to other processes is child's play – and takes up very little time indeed. Individually expandable, the Innoket SE can be perfectly adapted to suit your product portfolio.

The roll-fed module dresses your bottles and containers with high-quality wrap-around plastic labels fed from a roll. The proven cutting system with self-sharpening cutters provides high operational reliability and constant cutting precision in the long term.

The cold glue module gives perfect labeling quality and also enables corrections to be made during ongoing operation. With an overhaul cycle of 20,000 hours a service life is achieved that far exceeds that of standard labeling machines.

The self-adhesive module provides high-quality labels for high-quality products, achieving its maximum efficiency through the automatic alternation of two labeling stations integrated into one module.

The camera module, working in conjunction with the electronic VarioDrive bottle turret control system, perfectly aligns your containers with contours, embossing, and glass seams prior to labeling.


  • Maximum flexibility for all kinds of requirements
  • Outstanding accessibility to all areas thanks to its ergonomic design
  • Future-proof investment through modular design


  • Noticeably save on resources and protect the environment
  • Permanently reduce your energy and media consumption

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