Innopack CV carton sealer

Innopack CV carton sealer

Highest quality for professional carton packaging

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With our Innopack CA, we offer the ideal solution for the reliable sealing of your cartons. Our fully automatic carton sealer is an outstanding complement to the Innopack CA carton opener and the Innopack PPZ packing machine. Throughputs of up to 3,200 cartons/h can be achieved depending on the carton length. The operating rhythm of this efficient carton sealer is determined by the run-through principle, which means that all operations can be carried out while the carton is still passing through the system. The CV has therefore shown itself to be particularly fast, efficient, clean and reliable!

Well thought out

The carton lid is glued with hot melt and sealed with extreme precision using centrally driven carton conveyor belts. This drive ensures perfect belt synchronization. It also enables a continuously high throughput to be achieved even at higher machine speeds. We use only cog belts for the drive elements. As a result, the machine handles your cartons particularly gently, while at the same time beneficially minimizing noise level, wear and maintenance effort. The carton sealer can therefore be optimally and seamlessly incorporated into your packing process.


  • Maximum precision even with problematic lid shapes
  • High quality standards ensure up to 98% machine availability
  • Benefit from short changeover times thanks to central hand-wheel adjustment


Minimize your maintenance costs thanks to the use of lubricated-for-life bearings

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