Innopack Kisters DP DisplayPacker

Innopack Kisters DP DisplayPacker

Direct sale off the pallet: packaging and product presentation in one

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With the Innopack Kisters DP DisplayPacker we offer you a modern, efficient and space-saving packaging system for cans, glass and PET bottles and multipacks on display and large trays. The containers are packed onto trays so that they are extremely stable, as unlike other systems common to the market the trays are folded and glued tightly around the containers – in perfect quality and at low operating costs. With a capacity of up to 75,000 bottles per hour the DisplayPacker is also the right packaging system for high-capacity production lines.

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With the Innopack Kisters DP you profit from an energy-efficient packaging system with an extra convenience factor, as beverage containers and multipacks are packed onto trays so that they can be sold directly off the pallet. As no lids or film are needed, there is less waste. The variable packaging height allows advertising messages for consumers to be positioned, thus promoting the optimum presentation of goods at the point of sale.

  • Direct sale off quarter to half pallets. Work steps such as secondary packaging are no longer required
  • Fast, uncomplicated format changeovers save time and money
  • Compact size takes up less space
  • Materials saved by individual bottles, cans and multipacks being packaged onto display trays without film and lids
  • Minimum adhesive consumption when gluing trays
  • Space saved; can be configured as a compact system in combination with blocked additional components, such as overhead conveyors and tray stackers

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