Innopack Kisters TSP Advanced tray shrink packer

Innopack Kisters TSP Advanced tray shrink packer

Top-quality, state-of-the-art packaging technology with maximum flexibility

Good to know

This is where excellent packaging quality and maximum flexibility go hand in hand; the Innopack Kisters TSP Advanced is a fully automatic packing machine that produces trays, film-wrapped trays, film-wrapped pads, and film-wrapped packs. With its extremely varied number of pack and loose product packaging formats for PET, glass, and cans, our Innopack Kisters TSP-A has a very broad product spectrum. The modular tray shrink packer in single-lane operation for trays and film-wrapped trays can produce up to 7,200 packs an hour. When producing film-wrapped packs only, the TSP can even be operated on up to four lanes. Exact and tight folding of blanks ensures maximum pack stability; printed film is also processed with the highest positioning accuracy.

Well thought out

Our new cubicle machine design with larger working width gives you an even greater processing spectrum. State-of-the-art process and functional modules enable you to quickly and easily change to other formats and capacity levels. With the integrated high-tech film cutting and feeding system you can process very thin shrink film. The Innopack Kisters TSP-A gluing system also works with the utmost precision, so that your glue consumption is kept to a minimum. The optional Eco shrink tunnel operating with gas porous combustion technology also permits you to considerably reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions. High performance, economical, and ecological – it doesn't get any better than this!


  • Maximum flexibility through fast and easy format changeovers
  • Top quality standards ensure a machine availability of up to 98.5%
  • High-precision folding of the cardboard blanks and perfect film positioning ensure a minimum use of materials


  • Minimize your spare part costs thanks to a low number of wear parts
  • Future-proof thanks to a modular machine design that is expandable at any time
  • Profit from the reliable operation provided by ultra-modern servo technology

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