Innopal PB1NF non-returnables palletizer

Innopal PB1NF non-returnables palletizer

High-performance, gantry-type palletizing system with level compensation

Good to know

With our new Innopal PB1NF palletizing system we present you with cutting-edge, high-performance technology for the palletizing of all kinds of pack. Our palletizer for non-returnables with level compensation processes up to 500 layers per hour – at a  low-level pack infeed. Compared to previous palletizers with a low feed, our fast machine boosts performance by up to 30%.  The Innopal PB1NF is equally suitable for use in the beverage industry and in the food and non-food sectors. Whether you want your cans, plastic containers or glass bottles packed in film, cartons or trays, the Innopal PB1NF gives you maximum flexibility. Thanks to the utilization of a pusher plate, if required returnable packs can also be processed, such as high and low-wall plastic crates.

Well thought out

As the machine is compact in design and has very few movable parts, the wear and maintenance effort for the Innopal PB1NF are considerably reduced. The 3D surface structure of the pusher plate design ensures extremely  gentle palletizing of all kinds of pack. The cross conveyor on the machine also has a barrier which automatically opens as soon as a pallet load is finished. This allows a new load to be picked up while the pallet is being changed, thus avoiding wait times and giving you a much higher palletizing performance. The Innopal PB1NF also has the same control concept as all of the other components in our palletizing system. This avoids interface problems right from the start. With our new high-performance palletizer you can rely on proven KHS quality and are perfectly equipped for the future.


  • Top palletizing performance with a low-level pack feed
  • High availability through automatic format changeovers and pallet liner supply
  • Maximum flexibility as all kinds of different packs can be processed


  • State-of-the-art drive technology significantly reduces wear and maintenance effort
  • Save money in the long term thanks to the machine's long life cycle and lower servicing costs
  • Profit from the improved ease of operation of our new palletizing concept

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