Innopal PS-E/PS-S pallet stacker/destacker

Innopal PS-E/PS-S pallet stacker/destacker

Versatile system for stacking/destacking pallet blocks with separator pallets

Good to know

The reliable and highly versatile Innopal PS-E / PS-S two-column pallet stacker helps you to automatically stack and destack pallet blocks which have separator pallets. The machine is designed for the low-end to medium performance range. It stacks and destacks two-tier pallets containing filled product or empties as well as pallets holding consumables. The PS-E / PS-S is extremely versatile, giving you maximum flexibility to introduce new stacking and destacking operations. The maximum throughput capacity is 200 single pallets per hour.

Well thought out

The Innopal PS-E uses a light barrier to scan the pallet layers, ensuring maximum operational reliability even when block heights vary. Also before the pallet leaves the destacker, it is automatically positioned so that it is perfectly aligned with the pallet conveyor. The user-friendly program select function on the Innopal PS-S lets you set the number of layers. The machines feature a rugged design for long service life and high availability. Maintenance requirements are minimal, and the systems are also extremely compact.


  • Fully modular design enhances versatility and reduces the part count
  • Up to 98% machine availability translates to lower operating costs
  • Precision stacking/destacking results ensure high operational reliability


  • Toothed belts and generous part design margins reduce your maintenance effort to a minimum
  • Balancing with counterweights cuts your energy consumption
  • Pickup catches with electric motor drive help you conserve resources

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