InnoPET Blomax Series IV Stretch Blow Molder

InnoPET Blomax Series IV Stretch Blow Molder

Energy-efficient stretch blow molding technology for your PET bottles

Good to know

The InnoPET Blomax Series IV is the ideal choice when you are looking for an energy-efficient stretch blow molder for your PET preforms. The InnoPET Blomax Series IV features a space-saving design and compact blow station layout. The machine produces high-stability, low-weight PET bottles, and it fits seamlessly into your production line. Your energy consumption for production of bottles between 0.1 and 3.0 liters is up to 25% lower compared to the previous series. With the aid of the Speed-Loc quick-change system, you can perform changeover very quickly on this machine with minimal effort. The InnoPET Blomax Series IV is designed for large production lines and has a maximum output of 81,000 PET bottles per hour.

Well thought out

To meet the varying demands of your production operations, the heater on the Blomax Series IV can be used in combination with any type of transfer and blow molding equipment. Because the heater module / linear oven is directly connected to the modular machine platform, upgrades (e.g. additional heating chambers) can easily be installed at a later date. The blow molder will also accommodate extensions to your product portfolio. By increasing the heating train mandrel pitch, the machine can produce wide-mouth bottles with neck diameters between 33 and 45 mm.

Preform sterilization is one of the options available to you. This cost-effective process supplies aseptic preforms for your juice and spritzer filling operations, etc. The preforms are sterilized using a mixture of H2O2 and hot air. Based on a precisely defined heating profile, the preforms are heated in the oven on the stretch blow molder. Then, after they pass through a tunnel flushed with sterile air, they move on to the blowing stations and the filler.


  • Space-saving modular design
  • Servo stretching system - precision stretching independent of machine speed
  • Optimized base station for up to 2,250 bottles per hour and station


  • Reduced energy consumption helps you conserve resources
  • Excellent process stability, especially for your light-weight bottles
  • Low-maintenance design for maximum machine availability

Brief description: Special NIR heater within the heater unit which produces a focused, linear ray of heat. Goal: targeted heating of the preform in the area below the neck ring. Result: homogeneous shift of material, optimized process, improved material distribution in the bottle; material savings option.

Characteristics: Focus lamp for bottle optimization

Containers/preforms: Can be used for special preform designs

Media: Soft drinks, water, juice, beer, food, non food

Convincing: Optimized process through standardized material distribution in the bottle; modular system which fits into all standard heater boxes on the InnoPET Blomax Series IV. Can be retrofitted on the InnoPET Blomax Series III and higher

Sustainable: Optional material savings through preform optimization and use of previously unstretched PET

Brief description: System for recycling blowing air on the InnoPET Blomax Series IV stretch blow molder. Goal: a percentage of the high-pressure blowing air is reused to make the PET bottles. Goal: reduction in compressed air consumption and thus cost reduction

Characteristics: Air recycling system to reduce compressed air consumption

Containers/preforms: All PET containers

Media: Soft drinks, water, juice, beer, food, non food

Convincing: Up to 40% compressed air recycled within the stretch blow molder; additional cut in investment costs possible in many cases thanks to the smaller compressor. Can be retrofitted on the InnoPET Blomax Series III and higher

Sustainable: Significant reduction in the amount of energy needed to produce high-pressure blowing air.

Brief description: Gentle and reliable removal of foreign objects from preforms through air lances and effective particle extraction with a filter unit. Optional additional camera inspection unit available for 100% control.

Characteristics: High-performance preform cleaning device to increase product safety

Containers/preforms: Commercially available preforms Media: Soft drinks, water, juice, beer, food, non food

Output: Up to 81,000 preforms per hour

Convincing: Safe and reliable particle removal; specified system, low complexity, simple format changeovers, retrofittable

Sustainable: Reduction in the number of preforms rejected through cleaning of soiled preforms and their reuse

Brief description: Special heater module for selective preform heating. Goal: optimum material distribution and accustomed very high bottle quality, also with flat oval containers.

Characteristics: Heater module for the manufacture of flat oval containers

Containers/preforms: Flat oval containers

Media: Commercially available preforms

Output: Up to 48,000 containers per hour

Convincing: Modular design, optimum bottle quality also for oval containers, retrofittable

Brief description: Machine option for the manufacture of containers with a maximum thread diameter of 63 mm.

Characteristics: Manufacture of wide mouth containers

Containers/preforms: Preforms designed especially for wide mouth containers

Media: Dry products, pastes, sauces, baby food, dairy, jam

Output: Up to 32,000 containers per hour

Convincing: Newly developed, modular NIR heater box which accounts for the individual requirements of the special wide mouth preform designs. Optimum heating profile, accustomed low energy consumption through NIR technology

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