Innopro ACF process engineering

Innopro ACF process engineering

Innovative beverage preparation for sophisticated cold aseptic filling

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You have high demands of a cold aseptic filling line, the aim being to produce ready-to-sell bottles that are completely microbiologically sterile. We fully understand these demands – and to meet them we can offer you just the right system with our Innopro ACF (aseptic cold filling) engineering. At an output of 3-51 m³ an hour this multifunctional process system perfectly prepares your sensitive beverages for cold aseptic filling through deaeration, blending, pasteurization, buffering, and beverage-sterile, non-reinfective product control. Innopro ACF engineering can process an enormous range of beverages, from syrup, soda pop, iced tea, juice and juice spritzers, energy drinks, sport and health drinks through mixed milk, and tea and coffee beverages to mixed alcoholic beverages.

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With its compact design this process system is also extremely flexible thanks to the use of sophisticated process modules, making it perfectly adaptable to the specifications of each of your products. Simple operation and monitoring give the process visualization excellent transparency – despite the complexity of the job on hand. The result is hygienically perfect beverages with a consistently high product quality. Innovative KHS process engineering – there's no better preparation process.


  • First-class beverage preparation for cold aseptic filling
  • No interface problems as the perfectly compatible system components and process parameters are from a single source
  • Optimized use of aseptic process systems results in sterile beverage preparation that is gentle to the product


  • Reduce the amount of operator intervention thanks to uniform operating, visualization, and software systems
  • Reduce your energy consumption through the perfectly coordinated layout of all system and process components
  • The compact, skid-mounted machine design ensures a long process system service life

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