Innopro ECOSTAB B beer stabilization

Innopro ECOSTAB B beer stabilization

Fully-automatic PVPP beer stabilizing system for small and medium-sized breweries

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Beer is a sensitive product which threatens to haze when stored for lengthy periods or transported across long distances. With the Innopro ECOSTAB B beer stabilizing system KHS offers small and medium-sized breweries an economically convincing system which prevents hazing. The fully automatic system for batch operation is designed for an output of between 50 and 240 hectoliters per hour. With its low cost of investment and low media consumption the Innopro ECOSTAB B is convincing, making a return on your investment possible within just two years. 

Well thought out

When beer is stabilized using regenerated PVPP (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone), turbidity-forming polyphenols are removed from the beverage. As on the larger > Innopro ECOSTAB C model, the beer is stabilized in small modules, resulting in fewer mixing phases and low media consumption. After stabilization the PVPP is regenerated in the modules, returned to the dosage tank and reused in the next stabilization cycles. The Innopro ECOSTAB B has a small footprint and can be transported as a single unit in a container. It is fully assembled at the factory, commissioned and thus ready for operation in a very short time indeed.


  • Very little space required thanks to the container format
  • Constant stabilizing conditions prevent over- or understabilization and beer blending


  • Efficient operation through low media consumption and fewer mixing phases
  • Fast return on investment within two years possible
  • Easy capacity adjustment permits flexible processing of different batches

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