Innopro ECOSTAB C beer stabilizing system

Innopro ECOSTAB C beer stabilizing system

Continuous beer stabilization for top beer quality

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The quality of a beer is of great importance for our full enjoyment of this classic beverage and goes hand in hand with demands for a long shelf life. The innovative Innopro ECOSTAB C beer stabilizing system has been specially developed to meet these requirements. In operation for you 24/7 it lengthens the shelf life of your beer beverages using PVPP (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone). This method removes turbidity-forming polyphenols without impairing typical beer characteristics such as head stability and flavor. Precise and extremely reliable, the Innopro ECOSTAB C can stabilize up to 900 hectoliters of beer an hour. Large quantities can also be processed on request.

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The modular design of the Innopro ECOSTAB C enables it to be flexibly adapted to suit different outputs. Its high degree of automation ensures that your process is efficient. With a wide range of products you will also benefit from the short changeover times. Besides the low procurement cost for this system, the modest consumption of PVPP also noticeably minimizes your cost of investment. Space-saving, efficient, and economical, we not only stabilize your beer but also your processes – long term.


  • Fully automatic production in reliable, continuous, 24/7 operation
  • 70% less PVPP used than in standard systems


  • Profit from the extremely low mixing phases thanks to precise product separation
  • Achieve PVPP utilization levels that are up to five times higher than for classic PVPP precoat filters

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