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KHS Innopack Scandia 400 Series auto-load cartoner

Affordable, full featured automatic cartoners that provide reliable solutions for all your production needs

KHS Innopack Scandia 400 Series auto-load cartoner

Interesting facts

The KHS Scandia 400 Series includes intermittent motion and continuous motion automatic cartoning models to meet low to medium production speeds up to 200 cartons per minute depending on configuration and model.

The modular design of machine infeeds allow interfacing with our overwrapping machines and other equipment.

It is an ideal solution for cartoning of your medical devices, office products, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and confectionary products among others.

Well thought out

The KHS Scandia 400 series cartoners are proven for reliability, ease of operation and durability.

Easy maintenance access is provided by the open frame design. The 400 series provides an excellent platform for mounting accessories including coders, labelers and inspection systems. The 400 Series allows for various carton closure methods, including tuck, glue and child resistant.

The Model 460 is our most popular compact, full-featured, intermittent motion, automatic-load cartoner and accommodates carton size ranges from:

Minimum: 1” L x 3/8” W x 3” D (25 mm L x 9 mm W x 76 mm D)

Maximum: 4” L x 2 1/8” W x 7” D (101 mm L x 54 mm W x 177 mm D)

This model can achieve up to 60 cartons per minute.

The Model 465 is a continuous motion, small-center, progressive load cartoner. Features include rotary carton feed, phased product bucket conveyor and carton carrier chain for ease of size changeover. This model accommodates carton size ranges from:

Minimum: 1” L x 3/8” W x 3” D (25 mm L x 9 mm W x 76 mm D)

Maximum: 6” L x 3” W x 8” D (152 mm L x 76 mm W x 203 mm D)

This model can achieve speeds up to 200 cartons per minute.

The Model 470 is an intermittent motion, automatic-load cartoner for individual and multiple unit products. Various infeeds and loaders are available for different product types.  

Size ranges are from:

Minimum: 2” L  x ¾” W x 3” D (50 mm L x 19 mm W x 76 mm D)

Maximum: 12” L x 5” W x  17” D (304 mm L x 127 mm W x 431 mm D)

This model can achieve speeds up to 50 cartons per minute.


  • Modular design for flexibility, reliability and control
  • Easy changeover for a wide range of product types
  • Configurable for left- and right-hand operation and product transfer solutions


  • Reduced material waste
  • Increase your efficiency and reduce your downtime through minimum maintenance
  • Profit from the flexibility to run a full size-range of your products
  • Reduced plant floor space requirements


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