PET processing

Easy to handle and with real weight and safety advantages with regard to susceptibility to breakage, PET bottles offer real benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. With our PET product portfolio, we offer blowing and filling solutions with many years of experience and with our holistic advice service "Bottles & Shapes", we support you from the very beginning in designing the right preform and bottle for your product.

Naturally, you will also benefit from our comprehensive experience in the area of lightweight bottles.

Would you like to give your top-quality, sensitive product special protection and improve its freshness and taste? Then you should extend the shelf life of your product in PET containers in the long term with Plasmax barrier coating. This turns standard bottles into premium PET bottles. We call it FreshSafe PET.

Whether carbonated or sensitive beverages, whether standard bottles or a specific design: we will develop future-oriented PET concepts for you, taking your individual specifications into account.

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PET processing

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