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We have the latest robot technology for your company. With our Innopal RC robot combiner, for the first time we are able to offer you a uniform robot concept for the distribution and bringing together of packs. With the help of innovative KHS engineering all types of pack are distributed between or brought together for two packaging machines for further processing by an articulated, positive-fit robot. 

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The low-maintenance system will revolutionize your pack conveying. Profit from flexible, fully automatic processes. You can of course rely on proven KHS quality here; our Innopal RC robot combiner gives you maximum functional safety and reliability thanks to its positive method of operation throughout the entire process.

Utilize our experience for your success; we have been using robotic systems since 1996. The many advantages of this technology include easy operation, fully automatic product changeovers, exact reproducibility and sustainability. Using robots with their gentle mode of operation reduces the consumption of both packaging materials and energy, for example.


  • Flexible, future-oriented robot technology 
  • Space-saving, high-performance distribution and combining system
  • High degree of operational reliability


  • Low-maintenance technology allows smooth production processes 
  • The low-wear robot combiner saves time and money in the long term
  • The modern system saves space and makes your processing sequences easier

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