Innofill Glass DNRT bottle filler

Innofill Glass DNRT bottle filler

High-tech for wine and sparkling wine

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Your sensitive products demand special treatment. The high-precision Trinox method of our modern Innofill Glass DNRT filling system enables you to successfully bottle wine and sparkling wine automatically in glass bottles. The automatic fill level correction feature allows the so essential highly exact filling process in particular in conjunction with natural corks, at filling capacities of up to 60,000 bottles per hour. The Innofill Glass DNRT is available on request with various capacity levels as a single machine or monoblocked with a bottle rinser. We additionally offer an ECO vacuum pump that reduces your energy and media consumption significantly.

Well thought out

Depending on the product, you can switch the filling process as required from pressure filling of carbonated products to pressureless filling of still products. Automatic and infinitely variably fill level adjustment assures you exceptionally high system availability. In addition, all processing sequences are automated and all processes are documented and are reproducible for you at all times. The combination of high-tech filling processes and automated processing sequences of this bottle filler offer you a filling system that is ideal for sparkling wine and wine.


  • High level of automation of high flexibility.
  • Exact fill level accuracy thanks to the high-precision Trinox process
  • Low oxygen pickup ensures biochemical safety


  • Profit from the minimum water consumption provided by the ECO vacuum pump
  • The exceptionally low CO2 consumption helps you to protect the environment.
  • Implementing hygienic design assures you a highest possible standard of hygiene

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