Innokeg KegBoy keg system

Innokeg KegBoy keg system

Keg system for cleaning and washing - smallest design for highest demands

Good to know

The Innokeg KegBoy C2 is a keg washing and racking machine. It is specially designed for low filling quantities. The kegs are handled by the operator.

The Innokeg KegBoy C2 is extremely suitable for washing and racking kegs for wine, sparkling wine, beer and soft drinks with a throughput of up to 35 kegs per hour.

Fully equipped with a washing station and a racking station, it gives you both quality and process safety and can easily hold its own with large keg systems. Further tanks can be connected in addition to the integral detergent tank

Well thought out

This machine offers the highest microbiological safety thanks to the pulsating-spray cleaning process using caustic or acid. Quality checks are carried out by a freely programmable control system, which even includes peripheral parameters such as steam and product pressure as well as temperature in the monitoring and therefore ensures keg filling which is gentle on the product while providing very good beverage quality. Further machines in the KHS Innokeg product range are available for additional functions.


  • Cost-effective and compact keg system
  • Highest product safety thanks to the adoption of established processes and technologies from larger keg systems


  • Invest in solid and proven technology which has been shown to enable the machine to be used for very long periods
  • With an eye to the future, our KegBoys C2 can also be used for innovative system containers and non-refillable containers.

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