Innocheck Compact Selecta Foreign Substance Detection

Innocheck Compact Selecta Foreign Substance Detection

Dependable detection and rejection of contaminated returnable PET bottles.

Good to know

The highest standard of container hygiene is absolutely essential for the production of top-quality products. Consumers often misuse the highly popular returnable PET bottles by filling them with fluids such as diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oil or washing / cleansing agents. To stay on the safe side, our highly dependable Innocheck Compact Selecta foreign substance detection system checks for contaminants which may be present in a wide variety of bottles in sizes between 0.5 liters and 3 liters. The system performs a series of checks on your PET containers. Three different gas analyses and an analysis of fluid residue provide very broad detection coverage to ensure maximum detection of foreign substances. You can rely on the consistent detection performance of the Innocheck Compact Selecta as it checks up to 45,000 bottles per hour for possible contamination.

Well thought out

The Innocheck Compact Selecta extracts closed, efficient, unadulterated, homogenous gas samples from your containers. Even heavy molecules which adhere to the bottom of the bottles can be detected with this technique. When contaminated bottles are detected, they are immediately ejected from your machine and do not continue on to the filling process. High processing speeds and consistently high detection quality are two excellent reasons why the Innocheck Compact Selecta is the right system to meet your needs.


  • High sensitivity and selectivity
  • Minimal operating costs
  • High detection speed and consistent detection quality


  • This very compact, rugged, low-maintenance system has been designed to ensure maximum system availability.
  • A reduction in downtime increases your operating efficiency.
  • Modular machine design protects your investment over the long term

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