Innocheck Superblock Bottle Processor

Innocheck Superblock Bottle Processor

Does everything you need to get your PET bottles back in perfect condition for production

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True to its name, our Innocheck Superblock does it all. This high-performance system carefully and methodically performs all of the operations needed to get your refillable PET bottles back in perfect condition for production including decapping, label removal and foreign substance inspection. The Innocheck Superblock easily handles up to 50,000 bottles per hour.

Well thought out

To start the processing sequence, a high-resolution camera on the Superblock detects the shape of all incoming bottles. The decapper then removes the bottle caps. In this innovative process, the decapping step is skipped for bottles that are already open. Next comes label removal which is effectively a two-phase operation. A brushing unit and extractor thoroughly remove the labels. Not even the smallest label remnants remain on the bottles. The delabeling carriage has a quick-changeover feature which makes operation very user-friendly. The final step in the process sequence is foreign substance inspection using highly sophisticated detection equipment including three different gas analyzers and a fluid analyzer. The coverage of the four detection modules is so extensive that the system reliably detects nearly 100% of all foreign substances. As a result, your bottles are fully fit to enter the production process.


  • The systems are perfectly matched, ensuring maximum availability
  • High sensitivity and selectivity produce inspection results that you can totally rely on
  • The bottles are fully ready for the downstream filling process


  • The rugged design reduces your maintenance costs
  • You can fully exploit the benefits of long service life which significantly extends the lifecycle

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