Innocheck LKI empty crate inspector

Innocheck LKI empty crate inspector

Efficient inspection and thorough preparation of your empty crates

Good to know

Our Innocheck LKI (empty crate inspector) quickly and reliably inspects your crates and empty containers in preparation for the packing and palletizing of your containers. Inspection rates of up to 6000 crates/h are no challenge whatsoever for the powerful system. You can also purchase the "Logo detection" module as an option. The empty crate inspector is suitable for both honeycomb and linear crates and therefore provides versatile and flexible options.

Well thought out

The empty crate inspector works with a high-resolution camera which scans the incoming crates. Lighting from below provides optimum contrast for inspecting the crates for damage such as broken compartments and for the remains of bottles and foreign bodies. The lighting is arranged at an angle so that it is not affected by falling dirt. The Innocheck LKI empty crate inspector is therefore the optimum system for the thorough preparation of your empty crates en route to the packing station.


  • Robust design ensures long product life cycle
  • High-resolution camera provides highest primary image quality
  • Can be used with the same container with different compartment arrangements


  • Conserve resources thanks to the use of long-life LED lighting

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