Innopack Kisters Divider

Innopack Kisters Divider

A fully developed distribution system for pre-packed product groups

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With attributes such as technologically fully developed and high performance - we present our Innopack Kisters Divider. This modular distribution system reliably processes multipacks comprised of cans, PET and glass bottles, and jars and thus serves all products of the beverage and food sectors. Depending on the project requirements, these machines can be optimally implemented in both the low and medium as well as the high capacity ranges. The entire product line can be effortlessly integrated into all our Innopack Kisters packaging machines. We offer you packaging quality that meets highest requirements.

Well thought out

Cutting-edge servo drive technology and our specially developed spindle adjustment ensure maximum flexibility when it comes to the variety of processible formats and easy format changeover. Thanks to mechanical tools, the positive method of operation provides you the highest possible operational reliability during the entire production process coupled with maximum safety even for easily tipped products. The divider additionally offers optimum accessibility enabling you to complete cleaning and maintenance work quickly and effortlessly. See for yourself!


  • Optimally controllable mechanical tools ensure that even your easily tipped packs are handled exceptionally gently during the distribution process.
  • Fast and easy format changing for optimum flexibility
  • Consistent positive fit during the entire work process assures you maximum operational reliability


  • The simple design minimizes your spare part costs by reducing your wear part requirements
  • This fully developed system assures you a machine availability of up to 98.5%
  • Profit from the future-proofness of cutting-edge servo technology that enables the distribution system to be expanded exceptionally flexibly at any time

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