InnoPET Plasmax 12D barrier technology

InnoPET Plasmax 12D barrier technology

High-quality PET bottles with an ultra-thin internal coating of SiOx

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The advantages of PET bottles are obvious - they are light and unbreakable. However, the barrier characteristics have to be improved to enable the practical PET containers to be also used for sensitive foodstuffs. With the help of the Plasmax coating process, our InnoPET Plasmax 12D barrier coating system enables you to combine the optimum barrier characteristics of a glass bottle with the weight advantages of a PET bottle. In this process, the inside of your PET bottle is coated with an ultra-thin protective layer of SiOx. SiOx (silicon oxide) is chemically pure glass. In particular, this enables the shelf life of sensitive products in PET bottles to be extended. As well as high-quality fruit juice, Plasmax-coated PET bottles are also used for wine, beer, soft drinks, ketchup, sauces and other liquid foodstuffs. The InnoPET Plasmax 12D is equipped with 12 double coating stations and can refine up to 12,000 PET bottles/h for you with a glass barrier coating.
Two coating processes are available for maximum product protection requirements: The Plasmax Standard Process creates the perfect barrier for all applications without increased temperature loads or bottle interior pressures for products up to a pH of 4.5.
The coating created by Plasmax+ is more flexible and more resistant with all applications where the more severely stressed PET material requires this and is generally used for products with a pH of more than 4.5.

Well thought out

PET bottles, which you have coated with the high-quality, multiple-use barrier coating with the help of our InnoPET Plasmax 12D, prevent the permeation of gases such as the penetration of oxygen into your products or the loss of carbon dioxide from the products. Another advantage of the Plasmax process is that the SiOx barrier is 100% transparent and your PET containers retain their crystal-clear appearance. And as far as reducing the impact on the environment is concerned, with our InnoPET Plasmax 12D the decision is also crystal clear - you can fully recycle these PET bottles in the same way as pure PET, bottle to bottle.


  • Universal barrier coating for highest quality requirements
  • No visual change to the product
  • High flexibility thanks to quick and easy product change


  • Conserve resources with low media consumption
  • Recycle your coated PET bottles using the standard procedure with pure PET

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