InnoPET Plasmax 20Q(S) barrier technology

InnoPET Plasmax 20Q(S) barrier technology

Internal coating of your PET bottles with high-quality SiOx

Good to know

In order to combine the advantages of a glass bottle with the weight advantages of a PET bottle, we recommend the use of our InnoPET Plasmax 20Q barrier coating system. This system, designed for large production lines, covers the inner wall of your PET bottles with a wafer-thin protective coating of SiOx glass (pure glass). This also allows you to fill sensitive products, such as beer, wine and juice, into PET containers, resulting in a longer shelf life and enabling the quality, flavor and vitamin content of your bottled products to be maintained over a long period. The InnoPET 20Q can process bottles of between 0.1 and 1.5 liters in size and achieves outputs of up to 40,000 PET bottles per hour.

The InnoPET Plasmax 20QS sister model has been specially designed for smaller bottle formats of 100 to 350 ml. Applying the same high coating quality it can process a maximum of 46,000 PET bottles per hour.

Two unique coating processes are used to satisfy the highest demands for product protection: the standard Plasmax process creates a perfect barrier for all applications without an increased temperature load or inside bottle pressure for filled products with a maximum pH of 4.5.

The coating created in the alternative Plasmax+ process is more flexible and resistant and first choice for all applications where the PET material is subjected to greater strain. This process is generally used for filled products with a pH of greater than 4.5.

Well thought out

High-quality and multiple-use barrier-coated PET bottles prevent the permeation of gases such as the penetration of oxygen into your products or the loss of carbon dioxide in the case of carbonated products. Another advantage of the Plasmax barrier coating is that the SiOx barrier is 100% transparent and your PET containers retain their crystal-clear appearance. And as far as reducing the impact on the environment is concerned, you will be making the right choice with the InnoPET Plasmax 20Q(S). You can fully recycle the coated bottles in the same way as pure PET, bottle to bottle.


  • Universal barrier coating for highest quality requirements
  • High flexibility thanks to quick and easy product change
  • No visual change to the product


  • Conserve resources with low media consumption and produce your own high-quality barrier-coated bottles cost effectively
  • Recycle your coated PET bottles using the standard procedure in the same way as pure PET
  • Profit from the technology of the InnoPET Plasmax 20QS which allows you to coat even lighter PET bottles economically and helps you make considerable savings in materials.

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