Innopro CleanCycle cleaning concept

Innopro CleanCycle cleaning concept

Parallel cleaning effectively increases your production time

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It has been proved that our intelligent Innopro CleanCycle cleaning concept, designed for the parallel sanitizing of your lines, cleans up to 60 % faster. For you, this means an enormous increase in your available production time. The optimized process technology that uses CIP ring lines also allows you to perform product-specific cleaning, supported by state-of-the-art cleaning media and sanitizing philosophies.

Well thought out

The environmentally-friendly technology of this cleaning concept, equipped with an intelligent quality measurement system, not only saves you money – thanks to its very low consumption of cleaning agents and energy – but also wastewater. Additional cost savings can be achieved by selecting either the hot or cold CleanCycle process. The use of high-quality cleaning agents and boosters also minimizes mixing phases and purging volumes. Longer production times thanks to faster cleaning: this is an investment that's well worth it – and one that pays off within a very short period.


  • More production time with the parallel cleaning concept and up to 60% faster machine sanitizing
  • Cleaning is perfectly matched to the product using optimized process engineering
  • Efficient sanitizing thanks to the leakproof separation of the cleaning circuits


  • Make noticeable savings on water, wastewater, and energy with hot or cold cleaning concepts

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