Lines for racking beer in non-refillable kegs

Lines for racking beer in non-refillable kegs

Hygienic and space-saving racking of beer in non-refillable kegs

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Beer is an absolutely classic alcoholic beverage. Not only in Germany has the quality of beer developed to such an extent over the many centuries that technologies, filling technology in particular, must be able to meet high requirements. Our proven systems for racking beer in disposable kegs have thus been designed to preserve the genuine taste of each beer specialty during filling.

Designed for multi-shift operation, this system offers high machine availability. You will receive a system that is capable of optionally racking beer in standard 20- or 30-liter kegs made of PET - what are known as Petainer® kegs. This system is designed for a capacity of up to 420 kegs per hour

From stretch blow molding through filling, incoding, packaging, and palletizing to the necessary inspection equipment, we offer you complete one-stop shop lines.

The high process precision of the stretch blow molder ensures that the disposable kegs are reliably fed to the subsequent production process.

The heart of the filling line is the Innokeg PETBoy F2 non-refillable keg system that offers filling technology equipped with two independently operating filling heads for optimum product and filling results. The exactly operating volumetric filling method minimizes product loss. The multiple-axis-controlled Innopal RK articulated robot with a 360-degree working radius conveys the disposable kegs fully automatically to the racking system and from there into the respective packaging.

Well thought out

Petainer® kegs, developed by KHS in cooperation with the British PETAINER UK Holdings Ltd., offer interesting advantages versus classic refillable steel kegs. These kegs, blow molded from space-saving preforms, cut storage costs for example. Kegs made of PET are also considerably lighter in weight and can be transported less expensively. This keg type additionally eliminates the expense and effort normally involved in handling returned kegs. Detergent savings is yet another positive aspect of the non-refillable keg type.


  • The increasing demand for disposable kegs opens new markets
  • Maximum taste neutrality and hygiene
  • Petainer® Kegs are compatible with existing tapping equipment


  • Economic advantages of the KHS PETAINER concept with minimal capital commitment.
    Because there are no keg washing and repair costs, the Petainer concept means a lower cost of investment. There is no need for elaborate keg tracking systems and kegs can be produced on demand which in turn reduces space requirements. (See enclosed presentation)
  • Smaller CO2 footprint thanks to significant weight savings in manufacture, processing, transport, and disposal
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable PET packaging.

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