Filling systems for cooking oil in PET bottles

Filling systems for cooking oil in PET bottles

Highly efficient, perfectly hygienic filling of cooking oil in PET bottles

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Cooking oil is an extremely sensitive product which requires perfect hygiene conditions when being processed and bottled. With our filling systems for cooking oil in PET bottles you are not only opting for innovative, high-precision technology but also an efficient and cost-effective turnkey system.

Designed for multi-shift operation, this system gives you high machine availability. Our flexible plant engineering allows you to fill cooking oil in PET bottles holding 0.2 to 3.0 liters of product at filling rates of up to 2,200 bottles per hour and blow station.

From the stretch blow molding process through filling, labeling, packing and palletizing to the necessary inspection equipment, we can supply you with a complete line from a single source.

With its high process precision the high-performance InnoPET Blomax IV stretch blow molder ensures that the PET bottles are reliably fed to the subsequent production process using low amounts of energy.

When it comes to fillers we can provide you with an individual system specifically tailored to your requirements. You have at your disposal a broad range of innovative and efficient filling systems which can be incorporated into your complete line.

Our peripheral machines are equally convincing; the Innopack CA carton opener, the Innopack CV carton sealer, the Innopack PPZ crater/caser and the Innopal RK palletizer (or Innopal PB or Innopal RS3) give you a fully automatic, reliable, and efficient production line.

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Unlike its competitors the InnoPET Blomax IV has very low energy consumption. The high process precision of the preform heating process through use of the patented near infrared or NIR heating tunnel and the entire stretch blow molding process ensure that even special bottle designs, such as lightweight bottles, are manufactured using the lowest amounts of blowing air and energy.

  • The utmost process precision thanks to an ideal preform heating process, optimum blowing pressure, and exact, servo-controlled stretching
  • Optimum energy efficiency with a very compact design
  • Ultra-lightweight PET bottles with jaycaps
  • Maximum material savings through the manufacture of extremely light bottles
  • Effectively save energy and costs with the help of an ideal heating profile in the stretch blow molding process and an intelligent blowing air recycling system
  • Individual retrofitting options provided for a future-proof investment

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