Filling systems for non-food products in PET bottles

Filling systems for non-food products in PET bottles

Highly efficient and flexible filling systems for non-food products in (flat-oval) PET bottles

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Motor oil, liquid detergents, and fabric softeners require particularly flexible system solutions for variable bottle shapes. You profit not only from highly efficient and reliable technology but additionally receive an intelligent system for your demanding types of packaging.

Designed for multiple-shift operation, these systems ensure high machine availability and are capable of processing PET bottles with volumes of up to 3.0 liters at up to 1,400 bottles per hour per blow station.

With its high process precision (exact heating profile) and low energy consumption, the high performance InnoPET Blomax IV stretch blow molder ensures that PET bottles are reliably fed to the subsequent production process.

From the stretch blow molding process through filling, labeling, packaging, and palletizing to the necessary inspection equipment, we offer you complete one-stop shop lines.

Well thought out

The preferential heating method characterized by product-specific, selective heating of preforms in the heater, enables you to achieve optimum distribution of materials around the entire circumference of non-rotationally symmetric PET bottles. The preforms are not rotated continually in the heater but instead are subjected to a varying amount of heat depending on the bottle design. This leads to optimum material distribution during the blowing process and thus high bottle quality also for oval bottles for example.


  • High cavity capacity also for oriented bottle types
  • Very variable bottle design possible (e.g. trigger bottles, recessed grips)
  • Patented stretch blow molding method for optimum product results


  • Low operating costs paired with a high level of production reliability

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