Aseptic filling systems for nutritional products in plastic bottles

Aseptic filling systems for nutritional products in plastic bottles

Safe, sterile processing of nutritional products in HDPE, PET, PE, and PP bottles

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Nutritional products, health drinks, dietary supplements, diet foods, and products for enteral feeding make high demands of bottling plants. We can thus offer you turnkey systems which satisfy the highest standards when it comes to aseptic filling and production safety. With our fillers you can act safely, flexibly, and cost effectively.

Designed for multi-shift operation, this system gives you high machine availability. Our flexible plant engineering allows you to fill HDPE, PET, PE, and PP bottles with 0.1 to 2.0 liters of product at filling rates of up to 24,000 bottles per hour.

From the stretch blow molding process through filling, labeling, packing and palletizing to the necessary inspection equipment, we can supply you with a complete line from a single source.

The heart of the line is the linear Innosept Asbofill ABF 611 TWIN/ABF 711 TWIN aseptic filler. The extremely small aseptic zone is perfectly safeguarded, allowing you to process high and low-acid products. The non-contact, free-flow filling system enables products to be bottled gently and in a sterile manner – and with the utmost flexibility when it comes to bottle shape and size. Linear neck handling avoids the need for bottle transfers within the aseptic zone.

With its high process precision (exact heating profile) the high-performance InnoPET Blomax IV stretch blow molder ensures that the PET bottles are reliably fed to the subsequent production process using low amounts of energy. HDPE bottles are processed by an extrusion blow molder in combination with suitable bottle storage systems, neck trimmers, and uprighters.

Well thought out

The aseptic filler’s compact design makes it especially suitable for frequent product changeovers and small batches of product. Its linear construction and minimal aseptic area provide perfect conditions for sterile beverage filling. One of the machine’s special features is the flexible screw capping system which can also be used to apply practical sports caps. Through the continuous capture of process data you always have complete control over all processes on the line. Our filling systems also have a fully automatic seal feed and/or a comfortable, two-stage screw capper.

Our aseptic fillers have a predefined maintenance concept:

  • High production reliability and availability of the system
  • Fewer life-cycle costs with a longer service life
  • Minimized unscheduled failures and faults


  • The highest aseptic safety standards are reliably adhered to
  • Great flexibility with respect to the bottle shape, size, closure, and product
  • Fully predefined maintenance concept


  • Profit in the long term from low life-cycle costs through scheduled maintenance
  • High production reliability thanks to fully dependable system components
  • Our full maintenance program ensures high efficiency and investment profitability
  • Opt for a future-proof investment with individual retrofitting options

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