Filling systems for carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles

Filling systems for carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles

Economic system for bottling carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles

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Consumers are placing increasing value on lightweight, unbreakable packaging for their beverages, such as that offered by PET bottles. They are easy to transport and, unlike glass containers, withstand vibration without any problems. With our filling systems for carbonated soft drinks, we offer high-quality systems which enable you to meet this demand in a cost-aware and at the same time environmentally friendly manner. From the stretch blow molding process via filling, labeling, packing and palletizing to the necessary inspection, we are a one-stop shop for the whole line. Systems are designed for multi-shift operation and offer high availability. Lines can be provided as standard for 0.5 l PET bottles in capacities up to 22,000, 36,000, 44,000 and 58,000 bottles/h. Carbonated soft drinks can also be bottled in 1.5 l bottles as an alternative. As well as our standard lines, we can of course offer solutions for turnkey systems customized to your requirements on request.

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All of our systems are equipped with technologically sophisticated, high-quality individual machines. The energy-efficient InnoPET Blomax IV stretch blow molding machine is one of the world's leading economic high-speed systems. It operates with the highest precision and generates particularly high output per cavity with very low overall operating costs. As well as the blow molding machine, KHS also offers the established Bottles & Shapes program, which represents innovative design and sophisticated development of plastic bottles. The Innopro Paramix C two-component mixer is ideally suitable for perfect degassing/mixing and carbonating in the smallest possible space. The Innopro Paramix C is predestined for preventing syrup and product loss thanks to the KHS minBrix controller. The high-performance Innofill PET DRV filler enables you to achieve accurate filling results thanks to the volumetric filling principle. Following this, our reliable Innoket 360 labeling machine ensures cost-efficient labeling using intelligent auto splicer technology without continuous consumption of compressed air.

Invest in a tried-and-tested, standardized system which is designed with economic aspects in mind. We know your industry, and with our many years of experience in the planning of PET systems we offer you valuable expertise for your special application. With the highest quality standards and our outstanding service, you know that your project will be in the best hands from the very beginning.


  • Optimally tested functionality and configuration of the system
  • Energy-efficient stretch blow molding machine with high availability
  • Precise filling by means of volumetric filling system

The sustainability of our products is very important to us, as your customers also rely increasingly on natural products and environmentally compatible packaging. We want to help you meet these challenges with intelligent and future-proof systems. The focus here is particularly on low life-cycle costs, as everything which reduces the burden on your production process conserves resources for all. For this reason, we work every day on combining the economic efficiency of our products with the ecological objectives of tomorrow.

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